BIOFOR 2020 - Wednesday February 5

8:30 - 10:00

Market Development: Keynote & Technical session

Room: Square Dorchester
Session Chair: Marzouk Benali, Canmet ENERGY, Natural Resources Canada

8:30 "Creating Value and Accelerating the Path to Commercialization through Open Innovation", Keynote Speaker: Virginie Chambost, EnVertis Inc.
9:30 "Getting to scale: Choosing the right financing tool, the right partner, and the right location", Jeff Passmore, Passmore Group Inc.

10:00 - 10:30 / Networking in Innovation Alley

10:30 - 12:00

Market Development - Panel 3: Circular bioeconomy: Growth, policy and investment opportunities

Room: Square Dorchester
Moderator: Paul Stuart, Polytechnique Montréal

Goals: The bioeconomy and circular economy share common targets by aiming at the use of eco-efficient processes, reducing GHG emissions and the demand for fossil-based carbon, as well as valorizing waste and side streams. The bioeconomy centres on substituting fossil-based carbon with renewable carbon sources such as forestry and agricultural biomass, while the circular economy focuses on the improved efficiency of production and manufacturing processes and the use of recycled and recirculated materials.

The Circular Bioeconomy represents the convergence of these two mitigation and adaptation strategies for responding to climate change, and offers the opportunities to accelerate the growth of the bio- and CO2-economy. The panelists will walk us through the most important aspects of the bioeconomy and circular economy to clarify some common misconceptions. They will also address the limitations hindering the pathway towards a circular bioeconomy. Moreover, the panelists will answer the following questions: What are the drivers that might accelerate the deployment of the circular bioeconomy? What could be the synergies between the policy and investment opportunities to boost cross-sectoral economies? How can effective Indigenous participation in the Circular Bioeconomy be enhanced through business planning, capacity building and employment opportunities? Do we need new business models to benefit from these opportunities? What are the science and innovation gaps to focus on? These are but a few of the issues this panel will address.

- Murray McLaughlin, Advisor Bioproducts, McLaughlin Consultants
- Warren Mabee, Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation, Queen’s University
- Paul Boudreault, President, Bosk Bioproducts


Room: Place du Canada

Luncheon Panel: Experienced workforce and younger generations – are their aspirations that different?

The need to renew the industry’s workforce is widely agreed upon as one of the key challenges of the forest industry today. Considering the fact that we have about four generations in the workforce at the same time, each with distinct values, aspirations, habits, shaping events and outlook for the future, can we harness and benefit from the opportunities presented by this level of diversity?
This panel will look at how the industry can better take advantage of the combined experiences of the different generations of its workforce while providing insight on attracting and retaining the newer generations.

The panel will be moderated by Mr. Karl Moore Ph.D., McGill University, a decorated Management professor, Author and Interviewer. 


karl mooreKarl Moore Ph.D.
McGill University

lunadessbesell 2Luana Dessbesell, Ph.D.
Biorefinery and Supply Chain Specialist 
EnVertis Consulting Inc. / Polytechnique Montreal

kbuckmanKathy Buckman Gibson
CEO and President, KBG Technologies
Board Member, Buckman

Kevin Lyrette
Directeur stratégique des ressources humaines / Strategic HR Manager
Kruger Inc.

13:15 - 13:30 / Coffee and Dessert in Tradeshow

13:30 - 15:00

Research Advancement & Innovation: Keynote & Technical session

Room: Square Dorchester
Session Chair: Luana Dessbesell, EnVertis/Polytechnique Montréal

13:30 "Origin Materials Wood to Specialty Chemicals", Keynote Speaker: Stephen Galowitz, Origin Materials
14:30 "Advancing Emerging Lignin Applications with Canada’s First Standard on Thermal Proprieties of Kraft Lignin", Melanie PinattonCSA Group

15:00 - 15:30 / Networking in Innovation Alley

15:30 - 17:00

Research Advancement & Innovation: Technical session

Room: Square Dorchester
Session Chair: Luana Dessbesell, EnVertis/Polytechnique Montréal

15:30 "Computer aided prediction of lignin solubility in solvents and compatibility with polymers", Olumoye Ajao, CanmetENERGY of Natural Resources Canada
15:55 "Application of nanocellulose in agriculture. Reversing the hydrophobic behavior of peat moss", Dan Belosinschi, Innofibre
16:20 "New market for pyrolytic oils: upgrading of crude bio-oils", Olivier Rezazgui, UQTR
16:45 "New market for pyrolytic oils: stability and techno-economical feasibility",  Clément Villemont, UQTR

17:00 - 18:30 / NETWORKING RECEPTION in Tradeshow

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