BIOFOR Posters

Impacts of integrating lignin recovery technologies on the chemical balance of kraft pulp mills
Olumoye Ajao, Natural Resources Canada

Molecular biology to uncover genes to the valorization of forest residues
Narimene Fradj, UQTR

Electrochemical recovery of lignin and hydrogen from kraft black liquor
Jean-Noël Cloutier,  Institut de recherche, Hydro-Québec

Colorimetric sensor for determination of phosphate ions using gold nanoplates and europium ions
Amir Reza R. Esfahani, Concordia University

Overall design framework for integrating biorefineries into an existing chemical pulp mill
Alireza Moussavi, Polytechnique Montréal

Methodology for process simulation validation using real-time data from a chemical pulp mill ims
Caroline Brucel, Polytechnique Montréal

Turning real-time data into process knowledge at a chemical pulp mill
Émilie Thibault, Polytechnique Montréal

Large block analysis methodology for cost comparison of emerging biorefinery technologies
Émanuelle Trottier, Polytechnique Montréal

Comparing the bridge and pinch methods for process-wide energy use reduction analysis
Hamidreza Shahosseini, Polytechnique Montréal

A one-pot approach for preparation of antibacterial and eco-friendly super absorbent hydrogels based on acrylic acid reinforced by wheat straw cellulose nanofibers
Marleny D.A. Saldaña, University of Alberta

Eco-friendly superabsorbent aerogels based on electrospun cellulose nanofibers
Marleny D.A. Saldaña, University of Alberta

SEED - Solid value of digitalisation in forest industry
Eemeli Hytönen, VTT Finland

Paper-based Analytical Devices: Technology Tree and Future Directions
Seyed Hamid Safiabadi Tali, Concordia University

Digital twinning for forest value chain optimization
Éric Soucy, Natural Resources Canada